We all need a place to go and forget…

…and as a writer I view my ultimate goal to give the reader a story that they can fall into and never want to crawl out of, a story that wraps its arms around them, holds them and keeps reality at bay. I want to fill their new world with believable characters that readers will decidedly love or emphatically hate. When the words spin together to envelope the reader to the point where the story lives on, when the cover is closed, in their mind and hearts. Creating an entertaining book is first and foremost, but holding the reader captive within the pages is crucial piece of what I aim to do each and every time I put pencil to paper. And yes, I hand write everything before I pump it into electronic format!

Two full novels under my belt and a third in the mix, my drive to make the reader feel is undying. I must move you before finishing the last page. I must trigger continuing thoughts that go on long after the book is finished. I must leave you satisfied and yet wanting more…

We all need a place to go and forget the world we live in for one reason or another and I want to be the one to do that for you. Light a candle, find your comfy blanket and your favorite spot to curl up and take my hand into places and people that warm your heart and stir your soul.



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