using rejection as a tool to perfection

“We read with interest and think there is a lot to recommend about it. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite seem like the right fit for Christy, and as she is taking on very little at the moment, I’m afraid she’s going to have to step aside on this one.”

I read the words and my heart sank so fast I thought I might need a defibrillator. An emotional cyclone spun inside churning sadness, defeat and depression. Nearly three weeks after the request came for a full manuscript this email appeared at the top of my inbox from Fletcher & Company with the above message inside and the feeling that I was letting all the important people in my life down with yet another rejection covered me like a cold wet blanket, suffocating and uncomfortable.

But then I read it again. And I read it again.

There were positives here and I needed to focus on those above all else. Fifty submissions in and I got my first request for a full manuscript. It was progress. I then went back to that submission letter and teased out what I’d done differently. THIS would be the base on which the next fifty submissions would be built. I couldn’t control how busy Christy was at Fletcher & Company. Acceptance of that and the fact that my future would not lie with them gave me the acumen to push on more determined than ever. I could control who I sent to next and how I presented my book to them.

Michael Jordan said “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Those are words to live by in all your heart pursues and all the endeavors you embark on in life. When you fall down figure out why you fell, stand back up, dust yourself off and remember to be grateful you stood for something in the first place.

I know what my goal is: to be published, to see a story poured forth from me into print and shared with the world. I stole moments, minutes and hours here and there, over the course of nearly a year to write a novel I believe in with all of my heart. I’ve stood and I shall stand again.

Besides, perhaps a common courtesy extended but used as fuel to keep my head held high, Hillary’s parting words emailed were “We’ll keep an eye out for it on the shelves.” As will I, Hillary… As will I…



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