so how does the story end?


Every story has an ending. When I pencil out a new idea – never pen, because you know, things happen – I scribe the ending generally right after I’ve established the main character. The beginning is usually a given. It manifests itself with the character. I drop him or her into an attention grabbing situation and use that as my launch point. Everything in the story from that moment forward must pertain to the end I have in mind or fall by the wayside as unimportant to the character development or the overall story.

A valuable life skill grew from this seed of creative style. I realized that if I was writing my story and did this it would make my decisions in life clearer and so much easier. If I’m the main character, I know how I want this story to end. Fulfilled. Content. Complete. No dangling story lines unanswered.

So how do I make that happen? The expectation that I can include people or events that don’t pertain to my story and still pull the overall story together enough to reach my goal needs to be thrown out the window. My job as the writer of this story is to weed out those things I do not need, to be uber selective of the things I want. If they do not build my life’s novel in the direction of where the story I want to share with the world is going, then why am I including it?

I know I’m in danger of rambling for more than a thousand words so I will cease the analogies and get to the point. You make your story. You decide how it ends. You and only you. What you bring into your world, in your life, is your decision. You cannot control the world, but you can control how it affects you. If you aren’t operating your day to day life with a goal in mind what are you doing?

Remember, write your life’s story with a sharpened pencil and a good eraser. You’ve found your character. You know your beginning. You probably have your supporting characters somewhat set. How does your story end? What story will you want your loved ones to read when your sun sets? That’s up to you. Write it with the end in mind.

Go ahead. It’s your story…



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