what a novel idea…

Writer’s block is very real. The pressure to finish a story or generate a new idea exists in direct correlation with the inability to do so due to said pressure. The greater the angst to create something new and unique the harder it proves to do so. There are plenty of variations to writer’s block and each and every writer probably experiences a slightly different version of it. It looms large and in charge right after I complete a story. The question of where to go next and what to write about eludes me to the point where I start wondering if I will ever write again.

So I step away. I force my mind to focus on… Life. Contrary to popular belief in the writer’s world there is life outside of a laptop keyboard and the grind of churning out a good chapter or two each and ever day. This way of dealing not only stymies the pressure it returns my thoughts to the source of where all good stories begin: Life.

There is a fine balance – there’s that word again – between living to write and writing to live. One begets the other without a doubt. Why am I blogging about writer’s block and how it applies to everyday life? Because it does in a myriad of ways.

Writer’s block is just one more way in which we all have to face things in life that seem impossible to get through, go around or climb over. Finding a job, buying a house, getting a divorce. We would all do better if given the opportunity to step away from our source of agony or apprehension. Step back and let our minds and hearts focus on something else for a little while rather than the large, pink, trumpeting elephant in the room.

When advice slips off my fingertips to my keyboard and onto the screen I always hear a little voice in my head saying “easier said than done!”. And it is true. If we could easily remove ourselves from the things bothering us the most we would not be human. How about trying to step to the side rather than out of the way completely. Life’s punches can hit us full in the sternum or we can step to the side and shrug off a glancing blow. There’s no easy way to walk through something like that without writing an entire book dedicated to that idea.

So step to the side, let your stress go by and watch it pass. When you are out of the direct path you can get a better view of what it really is that has your stomach turning and your heart aching. Find your way to individually do so and your life will be better for it.

You have to admit, it’s a novel idea…



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