slipping into fiction to find your reality

As a writer I must step off the ledge and into the story I’m working on each and every time I sit down to write the alternate reality I’ve got brewing in the coffee pot of my mind. I spin a web of truth that exists solely to the telling of a story in hopes that one day I can share it with the world and they will be incredibly entertained. The reality can be bleak at best, but I am careful not to blur the lines between the novel’s events and my life or base my literal reality on fact. I have a flair for the dramatic. I have a penchant to over-share the character’s emotions. I paint a picture with words that are wildly amusing or heartbreaking. (I hope!)

And I do it all on paper.

I apologize in advance if I am grossly generalizing but today’s society, the youth in particular, have an unbridled tendency to put their lives on social media for all to read. These comments/likes have become a pseudo support group for people seeking empty approval and any level of attention they can find. When did Facebook become an episode of Dr. Phil meets Jerry Springer? We’ve gone from the early 1900s of all interpersonal interactions kept hush to every couple’s argument plastered all over a computer screen’s web browser.

The electronic age has dissolved the means for verification and opened the flood gates to contrived truths and pretend worlds so far from the person’s reality they being to believe them, living in those created rather than facing their own.

My advice?

Talk about the weather. Share common details of your day with family and friends too far away to chat over a favorite beverage. Skip the fight with your boy or girlfriend. Step back and think before you click “Post” when your overwhelming emotions prod you to tell all your family, friends, acquaintances and people you don’t really know but accepted their friend request so you could get more corn for Farmville IV, that you hate your parents or you have the “best boyfriend ever” after airing their hurtful indiscretions ten minutes before…

Your friends, the honest ones, would rather see a picture of tonight’s dinner or know you are binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Promise. And if you need to share your personal life? Most social sites have a messaging element that isolates your audience. Use it.

In all honesty I hesitated to post this particular blog. At a certain level isn’t this a consummate exercise in hypocrisy on my part?



In the end I hope you like it and leave comments.



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