actions not words

Do what you say you’re going to do? No. Skip it. Just do and let your actions speak.

As a writer, I can’t help but cringe giving advice to not use words. I find comfort in them, an outline which guides my actions. Alas as humans we tend to set our future actions before us with fervor, illustrating just what we will do some day. And then the world gets in the way, distractions pull us from our intentions. Excuses culminate in us caught in an endless loop of tomorrows.

The poet, Horace, knew the importance of avoiding the chase of tomorrow way back in 23 B.C. when he wrote “Carpe Diem” in the the poem Odes. Seize the day. Don’t let your life rest on the laurels of promises of things you’re going to do. Let life remember you as someone who recalled stories of adventures passed – not of what might have been.

As you know, this philosophy stretches to so many things in life, to the things that matter. Your children, any child for that matter. Teach them that living is doing. And how best to do that? By doing something with them. I realize life isn’t so black and white. I know that responsibilities and circumstances can impede the actions that in your heart you know are true. Weigh them, don’t justify them as yet another excuse. Replace the phrase “I am going to…” with “I will…”. It’s a small step, but the frontal cortex of your brain – the place where decisions are reasoned – will see it differently, a bona fide promissory note that must be cashed in. Soon.

I took some time away from this blog with the fear of redundancy. I didn’t want to churn out the same life advice rooted in writing over and over and over again. Some forms of repetition can become mundane and boring. I didn’t want to be either.

Or was it the little voice in my head that kept telling saying “I’m going to write a new post tomorrow” when life’s today pushed me off course? That little voice has been put away, locked in a little box in the back of my mind, deemed a speed bump and not an accelerator to what I want and need to do. Will I ever let it back out? Someday I will…



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