seeing things from the write perspective

The other day I drove home under an overcast sky.

That’s it. An endless sky of dark blue and white clouds with no breaks to reveal what lie above. Everyone else southbound on I-89 that day saw the same thing. And eventually I reached that basic description myself. But first the voice inside me, my writer voice, looked up and thought: the mixture of blues and whites cascading through makes a somewhat allegorical simile to the world drowning. The two tone blanket above gave a perfect simulation to what one must feel when pulled under by a raging ocean’s waves. Staring up into the dark blue hues with strips of white foam ripping through while you realize the impossible task of breaking through to air, to a brighter day, is next to impossible with all the surrounding turmoil…

That isn’t the first time my eyes have seen an everyday occurrence only to pass it through this filter in my brain and have it spew a descriptive comparison to something else or a life experience. Several times at day I find myself peering deeper beneath the surface of what is there to find intricate often overlooked details that piece together a picture of words inside me. These images, these summations of life, then beg to be dropped into the novel I am working on. Sometimes they fit. Often they don’t. Regardless, it lives in me until I scribble it on a post-it note, a steno-pad or drop it into a Word document for later use.

Every story spun derives from these moments. Moments that each and every one of us see, hear, feel around us in our everyday lives. Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, we decide how we process the countless events that make up our lives. Perspective. How we see things. Not just a cloud-filled sky, but the trees, the mountains, ourselves, each other.

A coping mechanism, a transformation of reality into something different. See the good in the bad. Feel the relief in the pain. Hear the laughter that will one day follow the tears. See the clouded day as an rolling ocean above where beyond there a warm sun cascades across the water’s top bringing light and hope.

Trite as it may sound, as often as it has been said (me included!)… We cannot change what life brings to us, but we can decide how it impacts us. It takes awareness and effort. You don’t have to be a writer to see it from a new angle. It takes practice. Reach that pinnacle and the world will not only look like a better place, it will be one.



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