once upon a time…

For K…

Once upon a time, a man who believed true love to be simply a fairy tale, an achievement to which one pretended to the world, but didn’t actually hold in one’s heart, felt Fate’s hand gently guide him to a woman seeking shelter from the storms in her world, safety harbored in her heart and mind again, also finding the reality of true to be a myth meant only for greeting cards and romantic movies…

One battered and emotionally bruised; the other still finding their way, walking blind with eyes wide open.

And then they found one another.

She would later describe a dark knight in shining armor without the horse. At the time, he was just a man scared putting on a brave face fueled by an insistence within that said if he let this newfound love slip through his fingers he would never find love like this again. She held him in her arms and the world fell away. He held her hand and hope appeared in her darkness, off in the distance with a long road to travel, but a hope that shone bright and constant.

The kingdom in which they lived was not as inviting and warm as the one in which they loved.

Malevolent forces pushed and pulled, poked and prodded, this new love still in its infancy, searching for weaknesses to exploit. Some were found. Some were relentlessly burned and scarred, torturously used to question their resolve and drag their intentions into an overwhelming sea of doubt.

But they held fast to the common thread that bound them together. True Love.

When a man would rather be dead than lose the one he so dearly loves; there is nothing in this world or the next that can be stripped from him or threatened with to make him back down. Looking into his eyes of conviction, inch by inch, day by day, month after month, she held onto that hope he’d given her; when one hand slipped a foothold appeared. It wasn’t easy, but slowly and surely they rose above those malevolent forces and a world of ill-conceived ignorance to cast a shadow on them all.

The kingdom once flooded with doubters saw believers come forth in droves. Reasons to walk away, one by one, dissolved in warm rays from their love, from the distance candle of hope to the now bright shining sun of True Love. Jealous armies from near and far would still storm the castle gates of the kingdom, but their walls rose high as far as the eye could see. Pelting stones of deceit bounced off bare noticed. Even the largest of life’s cannonballs were met with a solid, unified front; unblemished and bright as ever within.

That man and that woman went on to marry, finding a new facet of their love at every turn, marveling at the purest of wonders they’d found. Sons were born, twins, free of all the hate and malcontent that came before them. Years passed. New and impossible tasks made their way into their kingdom. Some brought worry, some brought loss, some brought heartache. But none could find their way into the core of what brought them together so long ago. You see when hope wraps itself around love under a blanket of two believers you get what started as a distant candle so long ago and grew into a sun for eternity: True Love.

And True Love is forever.


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