making it up as we go along

When I sit down to write a new book, I have a solid opening worked out and an ending in mind. The in-between, the juicy meat of the story’s sandwich, is left wide open. In general I know how I want to get there, but most of the roads are not mapped out; all the bridges are not foreseen to say the least. Somewhere in my mind I harbor this and hope for the best:


But it has to move me. Driven by a passion to tell the story dying to get out of me is key. Without that, a few chapters in and I find the original energy level looking up at me going “Where are you going with this?”

So WHERE am I going with this?

I find a concept, an idea, that drives me to create and I run with it. One vital moment of a spontaneous genesis spawns another and then another until a casual plan for half an hour of unguided writing manifests itself into three hours of real characters, vivid places and a page-turning story line.

And then this happens and I lose all focus:


Where was I?

That’s right. I was talking about writing a story knowing the beginning and the end with the middle a little hazy, a little undefined. Such is life. Put paper to pencil, keys to keyboard or one foot in front of the other. Either way, make sure it moves you. When it does; the time, the energy and the inclination to see it through will all fall into place. BELIEVE.


Make it up as you go along. Go where your heart takes you, but always make sure your mind is on board. If you know where you want to end up odds are the ride there will be exactly what you were looking for all along.

Robert Frost wrote:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
Find your launching pad. Mark your target. Find your way.
But first… go back and watch that adorable cat caught in the sandal one more time.

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