what’s the big idea??


They never stop coming. At least not for me.

Ideas jettison themselves into my brain and sometimes travel back out at the same rate to which they came in. Some stick with me, refuse to be ignored and repeatedly squeeze their way in until I succumb and scribble them down. A character, a plot, a tagline, a scene, a title… Something will trigger one or many of those things all at once. The wheels begin to turn, shaping and paring the idea like a small piece of clay.


So then what? This idea hopped out into the road of my life and I had to slow down and let it pass on through. There are times when the idea is so HUGE that it sparks other ideas of its own. Sometimes they fizzle and I jot them down to go back to them later. Every so often I have the “what the hell was I thinking?” reaction. All in all, if I shut the door on them, the good ones won’t get through.

Once again… Where am I going with all this?

Life is about love. There are other ancillary pieces to that puzzle, but the prevailing force, the meaning of it all is… love. After that? Ideas. Not of characters in books, not of a plot that twists and turns, but of giving, caring, sharing. An impromptu gift for someone who made you smile when you needed it most. A kind gesture of help to someone who listened when you needed a thoughtful ear.


So what IS the big idea? When the feeling strikes you to hold the door for a stranger, when a sudden inclination to strike up a conversation with a elderly person sitting alone, do it. Write it down. Come back to it. Do it again. Work it like clay until it is perfect and pure.

That’s the idea anyway…



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