the flowers that bloom in the dark


The Nymphaea Red Flare (above) blossoms only in the evening twilight…


One could hypothesize we are randomly born into it without rhyme or reason as to who our parents are or the situation in which we begin and grow from.

Lap of luxury or hand to mouth. Wealth and security or impoverish and uncertainty. Hands filled with endless love or fists filled with infinite hate. Words of encouragement or constant belittling.

Much of our cognitive development occurs within the first two years of our life so if the building blocks to which we assemble our lives are cracked and uneven what hope do we have of having anything stable later on?

The collective “we” take these circumstances and use them as fuel. What is fueled remains entirely up to you. Excuses can be fueled just as easy a drive to seek a brighter light, a mountain top to which we can stand and look back down at how far we’ve come.


This is about just that. Inner strength isn’t born. It’s found within. Getting knocked down by life can be your crutch or it can be the reason why you discovered a force inside that will not stay down.

Life isn’t fair. In many instances you cannot control what life brings to you, but you can control how you react to it. You choose what you feel, what you take with you when you continue on your journey. Embrace it all, learn from it or shake it like an Etch-A-Sketch and start over. It’s your call.


I encourage you to take life’s misgivings and refuse to make them your reason for not doing something you know you could do or should do. The sunlight may not find its way to your face. The uphill battle may never level off. The hits may keep on coming. Make it your fuel to a unwavering resolve that you can succeed.

Be the beautiful flower that, against all odds, blooms in the dark.



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