a human touch…

human touch

Dark Stormbringer laughed in the face of death, watching the bullets fly in his direction, knowing he could dodge them all…

As a writer I pride myself on creating characters that are human. Crazy right? It doesn’t mean I’ll never scribe a sci-fi novel with little green men. Short of juxtaposing two characters, one completely ridiculous as our friend Dark Stormbringer while the other is timid and physically inept; it means the emotions coursing through my characters must be real, legitimate. Characters need a human touch.


If bullets are raining from all directions it is human to be afraid, to run for cover. If life has you tired, shaken and stirred; it is okay to acknowledge these feelings and realize they have a bearing on what you do next.

Like the characters we write at our keyboards, scribble in our notepads and procure in our minds while stuck in traffic; WE need that human touch. The power of one human being touching another cannot be quantified. The effect a comforting hand on your emotionally leveled shoulder is immeasurable. It is why doctors stress the importance of skin to skin contact for mother and child; it undeniably aids in their growth and survival when born into this world.




Human touch is electrifying, energizing, calming… When nothing but a few air molecules exist between two people, good things happen.



Unless that other someone is a stranger on a bus that decides to press charges because they were the closest thing to a hug you were going to get that day and you decided to go all-in at the hug buffet on the way home after work.

That is wrong. Don’t make a judge have to tell you.

Best of all? There’s an endless supply of hugs and they’re free.

Unless you’re the person on the bus. That could get expensive.

This time of year brings smiles and cheer. It also brings to light those who don’t have someone to hug them, to hold their hand. Be watchful for those who need that human touch more than ever. Leave them the way James Bond likes his martinis: shaken not stirred. And if it is you who needs that hug, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s okay to be real, remember?

A hug. It will be the greatest gift you can give them. So sales receipt, no wrapping, monetary extravagance… Something free yet priceless:

The human touch.



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