Finding the Time…


Time cannot be stopped or slowed down for any reason…

What a harried world we live in.

More-so for the doting father and husband with a full time job and dreams of one day being a published author. The best intentions to set aside time to write to my heart’s content is the first appointment cleared on my calendar to make room for family demands or work that puts food on the table and clothes on my children.


Such is life no matter how strong your conviction to write for the world. it is a dream I love and cherish but a dream that would never unseat the love I have for my wife and children. Somewhere between the moment my boys took their first breath and when I held them for the first time I willingly shoved my hopes and dreams to the back of the room to do all I can to make their hopes and dreams come true.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One day the stories I’ve spun in my spare time will grace the shelves of homes all across America.

Today, they will have to wait.

I’ve got work to finish, a piano lesson to get my boys to and dinner to make. The stories must live on in my heart and mind wrapped in hopeful dreams a little longer while I take care of those I hold more precious than life itself.

I have to go. Life is calling.




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