We spend our lives accumulating stories

It’s true, isn’t it?

As a writer I take those small stories and spin them into a scene, sometimes an entire novel. A scenic sky, a kind gesture from an old man, rain washing away the day…


And then we blink. Thirty years have passed and you don’t know where they went. But you do. Our lives are stories; big, small, medium tales of love, loss, fear, elation, nervousness, soaring triumph. The kind of stories that when remembered can still stir goosebumps on your skin, send your heart aflutter or fill your eyes with tears.


We have these stories to know we lived. When we’re gone, can we take them with us? No one truly knows. The ones we love have those same stories. They share them with the ones they love and legends are born.


Live life to its fullest. Embrace the time you have here for it is fleeting no matter how you look at it. Make your memories, accumulate the stories.




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