Editing Myself


So it has been a while. Believe me, I want to blog more often than the frequency in which you need to buy dryer sheets or go to the dentist for a cleaning. I’ve been a little distracted with this whole writer/editor/cover designer/publisher role I’ve taken on. The hard work and countless hours are coming to fruition but I am amazed the time it takes to edit a 209,000 word book.

If you’ve read more than one of my blog posts you know I have a penchant for using metaphors; I love to take a common practice of a writer and draw similarities between that and living life. Today is no different.

Writing, editing, designing, publishing is a full time job. For four people. And yet we, as human beings, do this in our everyday lives when you stop and think about it. In our mind’s eye we gather the world we see before us, collect the details, and process. We write our response, edit it, design it so that it comes across correctly and then publish it from our lips.

   Oh if we could only edit a little better. Am I right?

editing wrong

The book I am editing is my own. It grew from me, pencil to paper, keyboard to word processor, and yet I am still finding a plethora of places where I’ve made changes or corrected glaring imperfections.

Where am I going with all of this?

All too often we speak off the cuff; we let our emotions trample of stream of consciousness with flippant insults or fire off the first thing that comes to mind because our feelings are hurt. What if we all stopped before we spoke, before we acted? You’re hurt, your’re feeling ultra sensitive, you want to spew the most hateful thing you can think of.

If only we could have this sign flashing in neon before the words slip out…

wrong way

My point, and I do have one, is this (and I’ve promised myself that if there is ONE thing I teach my children before they are an adult it’s this): Stop And Think. S.A.T. Consider circumstances leading up to where you are in that moment. Think about what would happen if you truly said what was on your mind. And if you still want to say/do it? Take the time to find a way to phrase it so the words are how you feel – not how you want to make the person feel from what they’ve done to you.

You can’t go back. You can’t edit what you did/said in the past. You can posture, you can try to make up for it, but you can’t go back. Consider this for just a few moments each morning before you start your day; face the world with your editor on, speak in your final draft, love as you would want it in print…

It will be hard. Writing, editing, designing and publishing is a four person job after all…



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